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Type: Social media, photography, brand design
Year: 2020
Software: Lightroom, Illustrator

The challenge

DAV Sektion Bielefeld, a climbing and bouldering gym affiliated with the DAV Alpine Club, regularly hosts events, including bouldering and climbing competitions followed by a cocktail party, to promote their offerings. To promote these events more effectively, I was commissioned to develop social media posts. In addition to this, a new visual language needed to be developed to better appeal to the target group - active, socially engaged young people aged 18 to 30.

The solution

As part of a target group analysis, which included protopersonas and visual research, I developed a visual language that picks up on modern elements while conveying a light and cheerful mood. This allowed the relaxed atmosphere of the events to come across better in the visuals. By using matching decorations and lighting effects, I staged the models in a playful context and captured it photographically. After the shoot, I rounded off the images with professional image editing techniques to ensure they met high aesthetic and quality standards.

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