Type: Motion Design
Year: 2021
Software: After Effects, p5js, Ableton Live

An animation study concering pendulums.
 This video summarises visually different aspects of pendulums; the simple pendulum, as well as one with multiple pendulums fixed in a row that will create interesting patterns when triggered in an offset way: they will oscillate between chaotic pictures and movements that can create the illustion of moving upwards. These were created in After Effects using math expressions. A double pendulum is portrayed; one that will never be regular and constantly create unique new patterns. It was created in p5js since that allows to generate visuals with random values. Last but not least a sine wave is shown to refer to audio pendulums. It refers to the sound in the beginning of the video wherer you can hear overlapping sine waves of different frequencies which creates in a wobbling sound effect due to the oscillation of the resulting sound wave. The sound for the video was created in Ableton live with a digital oscillator and recorded as well as processed female voice. To amplify the idea of oscillation the sound is panned from left to right and back over the course of the track.

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